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Zero 2014 Conference Overview

Zero 2014 is hosted in partnership by the Climate Change and Emissions Management (CCEMC) Corporation and the City of Edmonton.

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is arguably the greatest challenge of our age–a challenge that is escalating as the world's energy demand continues to grow.

Zero 2014 is a conference for leaders and innovators focused on driving the transition to a low-carbon future. At Zero 2014, the CCEMC and the City of Edmonton are bringing together leaders from science, policy, clean technology, industry and government to address the shared goals of lowering our carbon impact and promoting greater awareness of the emissions reduction and energy challenges we are facing both here in Edmonton and across the planet.

While these challenges seem daunting, there are also tremendous opportunities for communities and innovators to embrace the challenges, and develop and deploy emissions-reduction solutions. The City of Edmonton, other leading municipalities, innovators and participants in the clean-tech sector are already responding in timely, innovative and pragmatic ways that will result in a different energy future.

Held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Zero 2014 will:

  • Update delegates on the state of climate-change science.
  • Examine leading-edge policies, programs and innovation that are working successfully in communities and businesses around the world.
  • Present new ways of thinking about and approaching the climate-change challenge.
  • Explore Alberta's role as a leader in the clean technology and energy-efficiency revolution.
  • Profile game changing technologies and open innovation.

This three-day conference will also feature the Round 1 Finalists from the Climate Change and Emissions Management (CCEMC) Corporation Grand Challenge, which profiles innovators and organizations from around the world who are competing for up to CAD$35 million in funding for innovative technology that can convert CO2 emissions into new carbon-based products and markets.


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About the CCEMC

The Climate Change and Emissions  Management (CCEMC) Corporation is a not-for-profit corporation that provides ongoing, dedicated funds to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change through investments in the discovery, development and deployment of transformative technology

For more information about the CCEMC's projects and funding opportunities, visit

About the City of Edmonton

Edmonton is an energy city fueled and driven by the passion, spirit and spark of its more than 800,000 citizens. Backed by a strong commitment to an environment where cultural, social, recreational and business opportunities flourish, Edmonton embraces the rich cultural mosaic that makes up the city. As Alberta’s capital, Edmonton has an ambitious and achievable plan to transform its city in a coordinated and well thought out way, enhancing the quality of life and experience for all. Boasting an ever-growing population, Edmonton continues to make significant investments in infrastructure to advance the city and achieve the goals set out by citizens. Key to this transformation is strengthening the heart of the city, connecting people, enhancing livability and building a strong sense of place. Recognized as a leader in environmental initiatives and a hotbed for investors, Edmonton is one of Canada’s great capitals and a city on the move. For more information on Edmonton, please visit


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About the CCEMC Grand Challenge

A global quest to turn carbon into a valued resource

The CCEMC Grand Challenge is an Alberta initiative to find and support
bold ideas from around the world that will make significant reductions in GHG
emissions. The CCEMC is committing up to CAD$35 million in funding for the most innovative technology that will convert CO2 emissions into new carbon-based products and markets.

Ultimate success in this challenge will be a technology that can provide an annual net reduction in
GHG emissions of one megatonne.

For more information or to register see







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Located in the heart of downtown Edmonton, the Shaw Conference Centre overlooks the beautiful North Saskatchewan River Valley, the largest stretch of urban parkland in North America. Shaw is the premier Edmonton conference venue, with a location that provides access to over 2,000 downtown hotel rooms plus shopping, entertainment, dining and transportation.

The Shaw Conference Centre hosts approximately 650 Edmonton events each year, attracting over half a million visitors.

The Shaw Conference Centre is a partner in FRESH, an innovative program that supports conference and meeting planners in creating unique Edmonton experiences that are environmentally, socially and economically responsible.

For more information on the Shaw Conference Centre, please click here.



Lowering the world’s greenhouse gas emissions is not an easy task, but with the right minds in the right place, it can be done.

Held in Edmonton, Alta., the Zero 2014 Conference will address the goal of lowering our carbon impact by bringing together policy and clean-technology leaders from around the world. This three day conference will also feature presentations from the Climate Change and Emissions Management (CCEMC) Corporation Grand Challenge Round 1 Finalists.

CCEMC: A Global Responsibility


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